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Welcome to PS 208, The Elsa Ebeling School.  At PS 208, we are committed to providing a quality education for all students.  It is our goal to use the talents, interests and excitement of our students and staff to strive for academic and civic excellence.

It is my pleasure to serve the students, families and teachers of P.S. 208.  As I often say, P.S. 208 is our home away from home and together we make up our school community.  I am looking forward to all the wonderful successes that we will share together.  As a school community, we will collaborate on projects that enhance deep thinking and learning.  I know that together, through our hard work, perseverance and dedication, our school, P.S. 208 will continue to be a school of Excellence!

Nakoley Renville,




Announcements/School News

  • Hall of Science Trip

    4-307, 4-309, 4-310 and 4-311

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Every student should be using MATHLETICS!!!!

    Credentials have recently been UPDATED! Please make sure your child has his/her USER name and PASSWORD and ACTIVELY using Mathletics on a weekly basis. Parents and students can obtain these through their classroom teacher or Ms. Bishop (Technology Teacher). 

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • New Dismissal Policy!

    Parents of children grades PreK through Grade 2, please fill out the dismissal procedure log and send it back to your child's teacher.

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Boy Scouts of America

    Grades 1-5

    2:20 P.M. - 4: 00 P.M.

    Parents, please provide your child with snacks!

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

    The Chancellor's Regulation A413 has been revised. Cell phones and other electronic devices are now allowed in schools, but must remain turned off until dismissal. Electronic copies of the Chancellor’s Regulations can be found at

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Lunch Forms!

    Complete your lunch forms online

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • RETURNS!!!

    Please send/return ALL completed lunch forms, lunch money, BLUE Cards and G.O. dues to the Main Office as soon as possible.

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Welcome Back to School 2016-2017

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling

Upcoming Events

  • Memorial Day

    School Closed!

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Parent Corps

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Grade 4 Parent Engagement Workshop

    2:30 P.M.

    Room 309

    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
  • Junior Assembly

    Ms. Ishmael /Ms. Springer and Class 3-308

    9:00 A.M.


    Elsa Ebeling/PS208 (18K208) - Elsa Ebeling
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Mission Statement

Our vision/mission at P.S. 208K is that we are committed to providing our students with an education that inspires them to dream big in order to reach their goals and find their life’s passion. We will instill values that will encourage our students to stay focused on their goals. We will teach our students that they must seek out their life’s purpose and that success does not come without hard work and determination. We will support our students in becoming outstanding citizens who collaborate with the purpose of improving our society.

 As the adults, we will hold ourselves accountable for putting our students first at all times. It is the mission at P.S. 208K to make certain that every single student who leaves our doors will be prepared to seek opportunities that they never knew were possible. Our students will leave P.S. 208K College and Career ready with the understanding that they will be successful in life.



Daily Affirmation/Peace Builders Pledge

Peace Builders Pledge

I am a Peace Builder

I Pledge…

To praise people

To give up put downs

To seek wise people

To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused

To right wrongs

I will build peace at home, at school and in my community each day

Peace begins with me!

Bell Schedule






8:00 – 8:45




Instructional Block

8:45 – 9:15





9:20 – 10:05




10:05 – 10:55




10:55 -11:45




11:50 – 12:40




12:45 – 1:30




1:35 – 2:20












We must always remember our school’s core values of:  Accountability Collaboration and Trust:


How we A.C.T. Matters!